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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Karma in the house: near Mariupol “Gradi” they nailed a stump to the fire of the occupants

A resident of Mariupol, as a koreguvalny fire in the occupants, perishing as a result of shelling.In Mariupol, a resident of the city,...

Bashtantsi has a pensioner, who was not brought to the defense for a century, having burned down the “Grad” of the occupants.

Didus pozhburiv on the installation of a Molotov cocktail.A 78-year-old pensioner near Bashtanets, Mykolaiv region, is in possession of an occupant "Grad" multiple...

Okupanty from Gradіv shot at the Physico-Technical Institute near Kharkiv

The NSC KhPTI has a known nuclear facility "Dzherelo Neutroniv".Meanwhile, Russian terrorist troops inflict targeted attacks on Ukraine's nuclear facilities. For the...

In Jersón, there is alarm: they warn about the possible bombardment with hail

Go to official information and stay calm.In Kherson, they told me about raising the alarm for a possible hail bombardment. Gromadyan asks...

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