Kevin Durant, Draymond Green clear air on infamous 2018 fight: Warriors management 'f***ed it up'

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant are clearing the air about their time with the Golden State Warriors and the reason Durant decided to leave the franchise. 

Green hosted Durant on his Bleacher Report show, “Chips,” and asked how much the infamous 2018 argument against the Los Angeles Clippers led to his departure. And they came to the same conclusion. 

“In my opinion, they (Warriors management) f***ed it up,” Green said. 

“I think so, too,” Durant replied. 

Durant bothered by how situation was handled

Green asked Durant about it to “help clear my conscious” since the narrative has been Durant left because of the incident. During the 2018 exchange in Los Angeles, Green reportedly called Durant a “bitch” multiple times and questioned his value for the team since they had won titles previously without him. 

Durant said it wasn’t the argument, but how it was handled by those in charge.

“It wasn’t the argument, it was the way that everybody — how [coach] Steve Kerr acted like it didn’t happen,” Durant said. “Bob Myers tried to just discipline you and think that would put the mask over everything.”

Durant said he was bothered because the Warriors talk about being a family and communication over everything, “but we didn’t show that.” 

“That’s what rubbed me the wrong way over anything,” he said. 

Green described his conversation with management when the team returned to Oakland fro Los Angeles. He was open to talking to Durant, but wasn’t going to be told what to say to him the Warriors. And he was clear about what he saw coming down the line. 

“Y’all are about to f*** this up,” Green recalled telling unnamed Warriors management. “I said, ‘The only person that can make this right is me and K [Durant]. And there is nothing that y’all can do, and y’all are going to f— this up.’ And in my opinion, they f— it up.”

Green was suspended for a game for the altercation and said he laughed in Myers’ face when he was told about it. 

Durant signed with the Brooklyn Nets last offseason and played 35 games after coming back from an Achilles injury that kept him out of the 2019-20 season. The duo won two rings together with the Warriors between 2016-19. 

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