Joe Marler finds new use for James Haskell’s book in entertaining review

Joe Marler features in a hilarious video after reviewing the book of his former England teammate James Haskell.

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England rugby union star Joe Marler has released a hilarious review of his former teammate James Haskell’s new book.

Haskell – who retired from his playing days in 2019 – has recently released a new book documenting what he has been up to following the hanging up of his boots two years ago.

The book, ‘Ruck me: I’ve written another book’ is the second book the former Rugby star has published this year, after he released ‘What a Flanker: The funniest sports biography you’ll ever read’ in May.

After the publishing of his latest piece, Haskell sent a copy to ex-teammate Marler to hear his thoughts, which the 31-year-old revealed via an amusing video on social media.

Joe Marler was sent James Haskell’s book.



Haskell himself was the man who uploaded the humorous clip, which showed Marler reading a hand-written note from the author.

The Harlequins – with the book boxed up in his hand – said: “What a lovely treat this looks like it is going to be. I wonder what it is?”

After unboxing the book Marler read out the note from Haskell, commenting: “Hello Joe, here is a little gift for you and the squad to keep by your side at all times.

“I know not all of you can read but I do hope you enjoy it, and share its life-changing insight into the world.”

And, it seems Haskell’s comment about the current crop of England players struggling to read was true, after Marler humorously stumbled over his words whilst reading the letter.

Joe Marler provided a hilarious review of the book.


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Following his hiccup he resumed: “Take two then because he was actually right about the reading part!”

He went on: “By the way I’m sure Eddie and the coaching staff will have you more than ready for the Springboks next Saturday, but if you find yourself in need of some extra focus please refer to 209 to 216. For some world class motivational videos and team talks.

“Good stuff next weekend, and don’t forget to tear their rucking heads off.”

Joe Marler threw the book in the fire.



Following a quick skim of the pages the Harlequins star’s review was pretty conclusive as he shook his head and tossed the book into a fire.

Marler then finished the comical clip by posing next to the burning book, and adding: “That’s what it’s good for.”

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