AFCON 2022: Fixtures, schedule, groups, kick off times and venues

Algeria defeated Senegal in the 2019 final and, such is their strength, both nations are among the favourites to conquer the continent once again, alongside the likes of Egypt, Ivory Coast and Morocco.

Still, the holders were held against Sierra Leone and both Nigeria and Cameroon look like early favourites. The hosts are the first team to book their place in the last 16.

Six venues across Cameroon will host as the world tunes into the first major international tournament of what looks like an incredibly hectic year of football in 2022.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the tournament.

AFCON 2022 Stadiums

  • Olembe Stadium, Yaounde
  • Stade Ahmadou Ahido, Yaounde
  • Japoma Stadium, Douala
  • Roumde Adija Stadium, Garoua
  • Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam
  • Limbe Stadium, Limbe

AFCON 2022 Groups

Group A: Cameroon (hosts), Burkina Faso, Cape Verde Islands, Ethiopia

Group B: Guinea, Malawi, Senegal, Zimbabwe

Group C: Comoros Island, Gabon, Ghana, Morocco

Group D: Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Sudan

Group E: Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone

Group F: Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia

AFCON 2022 Group Stage fixtures, dates and UK kick-off times

Ethiopia 0-1 Cape Verde – 7pm GMT kick-off

Guinea 1-0 Malawi – 4pm GMT kick-off

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Comoros 0-1 Gabon – 7pm GMT kick-off

Sudan 0-0 Guinea-Bissau 7pm GMT kick-off

Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Ivory Coast – 7pm GMT kick-off

Cape Verde 0-1 Burkina Faso – 7pm GMT kick-off

Malawi 2-1 Zimbabwe – 4pm GMT kick-off

Gabon 1-1 Ghana – 7pm GMT kick-off

Nigeria vs Sudan – 4pm GMT kick-off

Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt – 7pm GMT kick-off

Gambia vs Mali – 1pm GMT kick-off

Ivory Coast vs Sierra Leone – 4pm GMT kick-off

Tunisia vs Mauritania – 4pm GMT kick-off

Algeria vs Equatorial Guinea – 7pm GMT kick-off

Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia – 4pm GMT kick-off

Cape Verde vs Cameroon – 4pm GMT kick-off

Malawi vs Senegal – 4pm GMT kick-off

Zimbabwe vs Guinea – 4pm GMT kick-off

Gabon vs Morocco – 7pm GMT kick-off

Ghana vs Comoros – 7pm GMT kick-off

Egypt vs Sudan – 7pm GMT kick-off

Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria – 7pm GMT kick-off

Ivory Coast vs Algeria – 4pm GMT kick-off

Sierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea 4pm GMT kick-off

Gambia vs Tunisia – 7pm GMT kick-off

Mali vs Mauritania – 7pm GMT kick-off

AFCON 2022 round-of-16 fixtures, dates and UK kick-off times

Group A runner-up vs Group C runner-up – 4pm GMT kick-off (Game 1)

Group D winner vs Group B/E/F third-place – 7pm GMT kick-off (Game 2)

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Group B runner-up vs Group F runner-up – 4pm GMT kick-off (Game 3)

Group A winner vs Group C/D/E third-place – 7pm GMT kick-off (Game 4)

Group B winner vs – Group A/C/D third-place – 4pm GMT kick-off (Game 5)

Group C winner vs Group A/B/F third-place – 7pm GMT kick-off (Game 6)

Group E winner vs Group D runner-up – 4pm GMT kick-off (Game 7)

Group F winner vs Group E runner-up – 7pm GMT kick-off (Game 8)

AFCON 2022 quarter-final fixtures, dates and UK kick-off times

Quarter-final 1: Winner of Game 4 vs Winner of Game 3 – 4pm GMT kick-off

Quarter-final 2: Game 1 vs Game 2 winner – 7pm GMT kick-off

Quarter-final 3: Game 7 winner vs Game 6 winner – 4pm GMT kick-off

Quarter-final 4: Game 5 winner vs Game winner – 7pm GMT kick-off

AFCON 2022 semi-final fixtures, dates and UK kick-off times

Semi-final 1: Quarter-final 1 winner vs Quarter-final 4 winner – 7pm GMT kick-off

Semi-final 2: Quarter-final 2 winner vs Quarter-final 3 winner – 7pm GMT kick-off

AFCON 2022 third-place play-off date and UK kick-off time

Sunday, February 6 , 4pm GMT kick-off.

AFCON 2022 final date, venue and UK kick-off time

Sunday, February 6, 7pm GMT kick-off at the Olembe Stadium, Yaoundé.


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