'Welcome to Plathville' stars Micah and Moriah reveal 'everything' has changed since moving away from parents

“Welcome to Plathville” stars Micah and Moriah Plath took a leap of faith when they moved out of their parents’ home – and they say nothing has been the same since.

Micah, 20, and Moriah, 18, are two of nine children who make up the Plath family featured on the TLC reality series. Last season, parents Barry and Kim struggled to come to terms with their children leaving the nest. They are currently estranged from their eldest child, Ethan, and his wife, Olivia. Season 2 saw Moriah and Micah settle down in a home of their own in Cairo, Ga.

Living in “freedom” has never tasted so sweet, Moriah and Micah agreed in an exclusive interview with Fox News ahead of Tuesday’s premiere of Season 3. The list of things they can do now that their parents aren’t dictating their whereabouts and lifestyles at home is never-ending, they say.

“Can I just say everything [has changed]?” Moriah laughs when reflecting on the last year of living with her brother Micah. “I’m pretty sure we don’t do anything that we used to do and we do everything that we weren’t able to do.”


The cast of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Season 3.
(TLC/’Welcome to Plathville’ Season 3)

Growing up on their parents’ farm in Georgia, the Plath children were arguably more restricted than most traditional American households. The Plaths did not own a television, and the children’s computer and telephone usage was limited.

“I can literally do whatever I want, speak the way I want, hang out with whoever I want, watch whatever I want to watch. I mean, before we were completely restricted on what we could watch on TV. Basically, we’re in 100% freedom since living on our own,” Micah, who is a budding model, added.

Life outside of their parents’ rules has presented them with opportunities that has them itching for more adventure, something the siblings tease will be obvious to viewers when they tune in for the new season. For starters, Moriah is head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend Max, who her parents seemingly approve of.

“It’s definitely the best experience I’ve ever had being able to date somebody who understands me and loves me for who I am,” Moriah says of her beau.


Siblings Micah and Moriah of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ now live under their own roof away from parents Barry and Kim.

Siblings Micah and Moriah of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ now live under their own roof away from parents Barry and Kim.
(TLC/Welcome to Plathville Season 3)

The teenager is aware she’s the family member most known for beating to her own drum and “pushing the  boundaries” against her parents’ conservative expectations. She’s “appreciative” her parents have allowed her to be who she is, although for Micah, dating is practically a whole new world.

“I did not have any opportunity to date when I was living with my parents so moving out opened a huge door and it has been a really good time but also kind of hard because I haven’t found someone yet,” the 20-year-old explained. “I’ve dated around a lot. I’m still kind of testing the waters but I’m not in a hurry.”

Teasers from Season 3 show Moriah and Micah are still close to Barry and Kim since departing from the family home. Moriah says she’s “appreciative” her parents are allowing her to forge her own path – but the same cannot be said for Ethan and Olivia whose marriage has been tested by Barry’s and Kim’s apparent disapproval. 

Moriah and Micah are close to both their parents and their eldest brother and his wife, leaving viewers wondering if and when the family tension will ever be resolved.


Married couple Ethan and Olivia are currently estranged from his parents.

Married couple Ethan and Olivia are currently estranged from his parents.
(TLC/Welcome to Plathville Season 3)

“We’re kind of the only communication between the two sides so sometimes I feel like it is our responsibility and then other times I’m like, I’ve done a lot. I’m going to work on my career, and if they are ready for reconciliation, I’m there. But I feel like at this point it’s out of my hands to just try and fix it,” Micah shared.

Moriah feels her family’s estrangement is not something that should be placed on her and Micah’s shoulders.

“I don’t think that’s our job as other humans to try and fix other people’s problems. I just see that as whenever they’re ready they’ll take the next steps. They’re adults and it’s not our job or our place to fix anything. They’re both on their own separate journeys and we’ll leave that up to them for whenever they feel ready,” she says.

As for the possibility of starting their own families one day, Moriah and Micah know exactly what they don’t want.


Moriah Plathand her boyfriend Max, from TLC's Welcome to Plathville, pose together at the studio in Cairo, Georgia.

Moriah Plathand her boyfriend Max, from TLC’s Welcome to Plathville, pose together at the studio in Cairo, Georgia.
(TLC/’Welcome to Plathville’ Season 3)

“I know for a fact I’m not going to have 9 kids,” Micah confessed. 

“Hell no!” Moriah said in agreement. “I’m not going to have anywhere near 9 kids. When you have so many to take care of you can’t nurture them how they should be nurtured. You can’t give them what they need financially, emotionally. I just don’t want that.”

Micah recalled there being a lack of “personal time with our parents.”

“I, for one, never got that close with my parents. I feel like there were just so many of us and I feel like my parents couldn’t invest the time in each of us.”

Despite their unconventional upbringing, Micah and Moriah agreed being part of a large family allows them to take on the role of an older brother and sister with a lot of meaningful intentions.


“I want my younger siblings to get out, experience life, make the wrong decisions and learn from them. You can’t just learn from being told. You really have to learn from experience. I’m really thrilled and excited to watch my younger siblings grow up and go through that,” Micah said.

Moriah added: “It’s nice to be able to look back and go ‘I’ve been there,’ and then go back and help them.”

To follow Moriah and Micah’s journeys to self-discovery and the rest of the Plath family’s tension and turbulence, tune in to the Season 3 premiere of “Welcome to Plathville” on Tuesday, Aug. 17 on TLC.

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