Clay Travis: If ‘experts’ were this wrong about Afghanistan, ‘how can you trust them on border, COVID’?

The “Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” discussed on Monday how the sudden and dangerous fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban proves how establishment “experts” can’t be trusted to provide expertise on any pressing issue.

Host Buck Sexton noted how Secretary of State Antony Blinken was one of the few Biden officials defending the administration’s actions in Afghanistan despite conditions in the country were rapidly deteriorating.

In interviews over the weekend, Blinken said the U.S. has “tremendously more [counter-terrorism] capacity” in the region than before September 11, 2001.

“How can anyone listen to Tony Blinken and say ‘I think they’ve got a handle on the situation’?” Sexton asked.

Host Clay Travis added that such a question can be applied to other crises including the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flowing across the southern border, record inflation, and COVID orders. 

“This is where the foreign policy calamity rolls into the domestic disaster which is… based on what you’re seeing on your televisions and have seen of the Taliban rise up and take over Afghanistan faster than any of the ‘experts’ told us was possible, how is it that you can trust in any way the experts on COVID?” Travis asked.

“How is it you can trust the experts on inflation? How is it that you can trust the experts on the border? How is it that you can trust the experts on crime?” he continued. “All of these areas Joe Biden is already failing in — this further undercuts the idea of ‘expertise’ in his administration across the board — if they could be this wrong about Afghanistan.”

Travis said many Americans already see “how wrong” Biden has been in his administration’s coronavirus strategy and public orders or recommendations.


Sexton added that this showed former President Donald Trump’s “points of genius” because he had no regard for the establishment’s “experts” and way of thinking.

“[H]e was willing to call out the credentialed elites as ‘phonies’ and ‘frauds who make bad choices’ — and other people suffered the consequences, and there’s no accountability for them because they belong to this system of the elites,” Sexton said.

He added that, drawing upon his own experiences as a CIA officer, there were certain sentiments that people have to publicly express in order to remain in good standing among “expert” and elite circles.

“There was a script, if you were a senior diplomat, intel official or military [official], there were things you had to say about Afghanistan so that you’d be invited to think tank meetings, or when you had a profile written about you in the Washington Post, you were considered one of the ‘good, smart’ people,” Sexton said.


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